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Attic floor insulation

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Attic floor insulation with Pluimers: be convinced by nearly 50 years of experience and craftsmanship in insulation

Proper attic floor insulation increases your living comfort and saves significantly on your energy costs. For an average corner house, the savings can be as much as € 450 per year*. An advantageous return!

Attic floor insulation has a major impact on the indoor climate of your home. A poorly insulated attic floor creates a continuous flow of cold air into your living spaces, which also requires you to heat much more.

With attic floor insulation, you prevent heat from leaving your home through your roof. In this way, you gain comfort and save significantly on your energy costs – up to €450 per year*. In winter you keep your living spaces comfortably warm, while in summer you enjoy a pleasantly cool home.

Thanks to the energy savings, you will quickly earn back your investment. Depending on the size of your home and the thickness of the insulation layer, attic floor insulation pays for itself regularly in as little as 4 to 5 years.

Benefits of attic floor insulation

✔️ optimal home comfort: warm faster in winter, cool longer in summer

✔️ lower energy costs

✔️ short payback period: quick return on investment thanks to significant energy savings

✔️ value of your home increases as a favorable EPC score becomes increasingly important

✔️ environmentally friendly living thanks to reduced energy consumption

Attic floor insulation with sprayed PUR

If you have a concrete attic floor, you can choose attic floor insulation with sprayed PUR: an easy and efficient technique. Pluimers insulates with high-quality sprayed PUR with a superior Lambda value of 0.023 W/mK.

This ensures that you achieve a high insulation value even with a limited thickness.

Because of the high compressive strength, you can step or place items on the insulation layer without any problems afterwards.

Zoldervloerisolatie gespoten PUR

Attic floor insulation with blown-in glass wool

With wooden attic floors, you can have the spaces between the support beams blown in with mineral glass wool. In addition to thermal insulation, you will also enjoy acoustic comfort.

In this way, the intermediate floor to your attic is insulated, but you can still use your attic as a storage area.

Blown-in glass wool from Pluimers Insulation has a Lambda value of 0.034 W/mK.

Zoldervloerisolatie glaswol ingeblazen

Attic floor insulation with blown loose glass wool

If your attic is difficult to access or if you do not use your attic as a storage area, you can also choose to blow mineral glass wool loose over your attic floor. In this way, too, you will enjoy an optimally insulated attic floor.

The mineral glass wool lies loose on your attic floor like an insulation blanket.

Blown loose glass wool from Pluimers Insulation has a Lambda value of 0.045 W/mK.

Zoldervloerisolatie glaswol losgeblazen

Attic floor insulation: method

  1. Preliminary inspection: our consultant will conduct a thorough examination of your attic and review the options for insulation
  2. Offer: depending on the preliminary investigation, you will receive an offer with the most appropriate product and technique
  3. Execution of work: our experienced and continuously trained workmen insulate your attic floor with the greatest care
  4. Enjoy an insulated home: your investment pays off immediately

Cost and payback period

The cost price for attic floor insulation varies greatly, depending on the roof, product and insulation thickness.

If you would like a specific estimate for your insulation project, you can always call on an insulation consultant from Pluimers Insulation. He will inspect your attic during a no-obligation site visit and prepare a quotation on site.

Zoldervloerisolatie kostprijs besparing

Payback time for attic floor insulation

For an average corner house, the savings from attic floor insulation amount to € 450,- per year*. This calculation obviously makes the payback period for attic floor insulation very short. On average, you will earn back your investment within 4 to 5 years.

Milieu Centraal calculated that you can even compare an investment in cavity wall insulation to a savings account with 8% interest. Moreover, the advantageous renovation premiums give you an extra boost.

*Source: Milieu Centraal. Savings based on €1,- per m³ gas and an average corner house.

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