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Pluimers Insulation is the European market leader in insulation. Our experience and knowledge have ensured that today we can provide any object with suitable insulation.

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No challenge too great.

Pluimers' versatility is enormous. Insulating diverse and fascinating buildings is a challenge in itself for us, from low-rise to high-rise, from industrial to agricultural and from healthcare to shipping. A high degree of difficulty is no problem for us, for every situation we find a solution.

Our diverse field of work

That insulation runs in our blood is clear because we have been active in the insulation market for almost half a century (since 1975). Pluimers Insulation is your partner for all forms of insulation in the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors.

We insulate homes, stables, stadiums, churches, cargo ships, etc. Whatever industry you’re in, Pluimers is always the right place to go when it comes to insulating objects. Pluimers Insulation also contributes to a better environment.

Our materials

There are different types of insulation materials. Which insulation material is best for your home, we will be happy to tell you in a no-obligation consultation.

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