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HR-IsoWool is a high-quality and breathable mineral glass wool that provides your home with the best insulation. The high density avoids sagging over time.

Pluimers has 3 types of Knauf glass wool in its product range. These all have their ATG certificate and thus guarantee superior quality. Depending on the job, our craftsmen choose a particular variant of this glass wool.

Knauf Supafil Loft

This wool is used in attic floor insulation where one covers the entire surface with an insulation layer. By blowing this Knauf Supafil Loft loose, there is like a warm blanket on your attic floor.

Knauf Supafil Timber Frame

When it comes to attic floor insulation where our professionals blow wool into the wooden structure under your attic floor, Pluimers’ preference is Knauf Supafil Timber Frame.

Knauf Supafil Cavity Wall

If you opt for cavity wall insulation with wool, Pluimers opts for Knauf Supafil Cavity Wall.

Advantages of glass wool:

✔  mineral wool is moisture repellent and vapor permeable

✔  excellent acoustic value

✔  optimal filling and distribution without the risk of collapse

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