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HR-IsoPlus 35 is a PU foam with open cell structure. It ensures that your cavity is optimally insulated and your home continues to breathe.

Pluimers uses HR-IsoPlus 35 for insulating cavity walls. Our experts insert this PUR foam in liquid form, after which it cures into a seamless, windproof and moisture-resistant blanket with an excellent insulation value. The open-celled nature of the PUR foam ensures that your walls continue to breathe and the ventilating function of your cavity walls is not lost.

PUR-schuim opencellig

Advantages of HR-IsoPlus 35:

✔  airtight and moisture-resistant

✔  Fast and efficient

✔  the ventilating function of your cavity remains valid

✔  ideal solution if you have exterior walls with small joints

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