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For insulating walls, roofs, floors and (crawl) basements, Pluimers uses HR-IsoSpray HFO. This PU foam with closed-cell structure provides optimal insulation value and very high compressive strength. A seamless and airtight result.

HR-IsoSpray HFO can be used for various applications and offers numerous advantages in each case.

Roof insulation with HR-IsoSpray HFO

In roof insulation, the seamless and airtight characteristics of PU foam take precedence. By insulating with closed-cell PU foam, you get a perfectly insulated roof that no longer requires a vapor barrier: HR-IsoSpray HFO forms a vapor-tight and airtight insulation layer.

Floor insulation with HR-IsoSpray HFO

If you opt for floor insulation with PU foam, you will enjoy a high insulation value and superior compressive strength (>150kPa/m³). As a result, sagging is not possible. Here again, you will enjoy a seamless insulation layer that eliminates any heat losses.

PU foam also serves well in basement insulation: due to its moisture-resistant aspect, you prevent moisture from adhering to the underside of your floor.


✓ Superior insulation value (0.023 W/m.K)

✓ High compressive strength (150kPa/m³): does not sag

✓ Seamless and airtight application due to closed-cell structure

✓ Moisture-resistant

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