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Roof insulation

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Roof insulation with Pluimers: let yourself be convinced by over 50 years of experience and craftsmanship in insulation

Proper roof insulation increases your living comfort and saves significantly on your energy costs. For an average corner house, the savings can even amount to € 800 per year*. An advantageous return that you can also combine with interesting renovation bonuses!

Roof insulation is all-important in regulating the indoor climate in your home. A poorly insulated roof can cause energy losses of up to 420m3, which is reflected not only in cold draughts in your home but also in skyrocketing energy bills.

With roof insulation you save a large part of your energy costs in any season. In winter, your heating system performs optimally, while in summer you keep the heat out much longer.

Precisely because of the energy savings, you will earn back your investment in roof insulation in the short term. Depending on the size of your home and the thickness of the insulation layer, roof insulation pays for itself within 4 to 5 years.

Advantages of roof insulation

✔️ optimal living comfort: warm sooner in winter, cool for longer in summer

✔️ lower energy costs

✔️ short payback period: quick return thanks to considerable energy savings

✔️ value of your home increases as a favorable EPC score becomes increasingly important

✔️ environmentally friendly living thanks to reduced energy consumption

Roof insulation with sprayed PUR

Roof insulation with sprayed PUR is an easy and efficient technique. Pluimers insulates with high-quality sprayed PUR with a superior Lambda value of 0.023 W/mK.

This ensures that you achieve a high insulation value even with a limited thickness. Sprayed PUR is also vapor sealed, which means that no vapor barrier needs to be placed in front of the insulation.

Roof insulation with sprayed PUR also has the great advantage that you get a seamless and airtight result. Cracks and gaps, which cause cold air currents in your home, are a thing of the past. Thus, your roof insulation performs optimally.

Dakisolatie gespoten PUR

Roof insulation with mineral glass wool

Roof insulation with mineral glass wool is also an efficient and sustainable method of insulation. Pluimers insulates with recycled mineral glass wool with a Lambda value of 0.034 W/mK.

If you opt for mineral glass wool, we must install a moisture-regulating vapor barrier in front of the insulation. This provides an airtight finish on the one hand, and on the other hand allows moisture from interior spaces to ventilate outside.

Attic floor insulation: insulate the heated volume of your home

If you do not use the spaces under the roof as living spaces, it may not be necessary to insulate the roof. With attic floor insulation, you can prevent heat from escaping from your living spaces into your unheated attic.

Pluimers also performs attic floor insulation. Read more about our attic floor insulation applications here.

Plus, you enjoy the same premiums for attic floor insulation as you do for roof insulation.

Method of roof insulation

  1. Pre-inspection: our consultant does a thorough examination of your roof and looks at the possibilities for insulation
  2. Quotation: depending on the preliminary investigation, you receive a quotation with the most appropriate product
  3. Work: our experienced and continuously trained workmen insulate your roof with the greatest care
  4. Enjoy an insulated home: your investment pays off immediately
  5. Apply for your premiums: if you are entitled to premiums, you will receive the necessary certificates after the work is completed.

Cost price and payback period

The cost price for roof insulation varies greatly depending on the roof, the product and the insulation thickness.

If you want a specific estimate for your insulation project, you can always call on an insulation consultant from Pluimers Insulation. He will inspect your roof during a no-obligation site visit and prepare a quotation on site.

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Payback time for roof insulation

For an average three-walled house, the savings amount to €800 per year*. This calculation obviously makes the payback time of roof insulation very short. On average you will earn back your investment within 4 to 5 years.

Milieu Centraal calculated that you can even compare an investment in floor insulation to a savings account with 8% interest. Moreover, the advantageous insulation premiums give you an extra boost.

*Source: Milieu Centraal. Savings based on €1,- per m³ gas and an average corner house.

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