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Floor insulation

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Floor insulation with Pluimers: be convinced by over 50 years of experience and craftsmanship in insulation

Proper floor insulation increases your living comfort and saves significantly on your energy costs. For an average corner house, the savings can even amount to € 260 per year*. An advantageous return that you can also combine with interesting renovation bonuses!

Floor insulation ensures a pleasantly warm floor in your home. So in your (re)construction plans, consider a correct floor construction with a layer of insulation. You invest in your home and save a considerable amount on your energy: for an average corner house, the savings amount to € 260 per year*.

Even with underfloor heating, a well-insulated floor is a real must – this way you always achieve the best efficiency.

If you have insufficient space in your floor structure, basement or crawl space insulation is also a possibility.

Advantages of floor insulation

✔️ optimal living comfort: your floor feels warmer

✔️ lower energy costs

✔️ short payback period: quick return thanks to considerable energy savings

✔️ value of your home increases, as a favorable EPC score becomes increasingly important

✔️ environmentally friendly living thanks to reduced energy consumption

Product: sprayed PUR

Pluimers Insulation chooses high-quality sprayed PUR foam.

With a Lambda value of 0.023 W/mK, this sprayed PUR achieves an excellent insulation value.

In addition to thermal comfort, you also enjoy optimum compressive strength. The insulation layer thus provides a good basis for further floor construction.

Vloerisolatie gespoten PUR

Sprayed PUR: superior insulation value and compressive strength

Floor insulation with sprayed PUR offers a very high insulation value. With a Lambda value of 0.023 W/mK, it is one of the best products on the market, judging by its insulation value.

In addition, it also offers a very high compressive strength. By always working in layers of 3 cm, the sprayed PUR cures completely. This is the only way to avoid future subsidence of your floor.

Sprayed PUR also offers another great advantage: the application is seamless. Your floor is optimally protected from the cold ground at every point.

Working method floor insulation

Site preparation: before our workmen start, you must fix all pipes to the subfloor.

Taping walls and windows: our workers tape off windows and walls up to a height of 1.20 meters.

Insulation: our experienced and continuously trained workmen insulate your house with the greatest care

Sanding down (for underfloor heating): for a smooth installation of your underfloor heating, we sand down the insulation layer.

Enjoy an insulated home: a warm floor means comfortable and energy-efficient living

Cost price and payback period

The cost price for floor insulation with sprayed PUR is between 25 and 40 euros per m², excluding VAT. Of course, the price strongly depends on the size of the site and the desired insulation thickness.

If you want a specific estimate for your insulation project, you can always call on an insulation consultant from Pluimers Insulation. He will provide you with a quote – possibly after a no-obligation site visit beforehand.

Vloerisolatie kostprijs besparing

Payback time for floor insulation

For an average corner house, the savings amount to € 260 per year*. This calculation obviously makes the payback period for floor insulation very short. Usually you will earn back your investment in floor insulation within 10 years.

Milieu Centraal calculated that you can even compare an investment in floor insulation to a savings account with 7% interest. Moreover, the advantageous insulation premiums give you an extra boost.

*Source: Milieu Centraal. Savings based on €1,- per m³ gas and an average corner house.

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